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First things first: this is not a whining or complaining session. This is: an observation of things in this American life that have grown weary for me, an ex-pat who is trying to find a place again......

1. reality TV (Kardashians, etc)

2. Ryan Seacrest (making $15 million a year to be on a TV show and morphing into the now-late Dick Clark)

3. over-priced, under-quality chain restaurant meals (like Olive Garden, for instance)

4. puposeless people who seem to be in a fog (no one in particular, but, maybe go to Wal-Mart and just look around)

5. people waering pajamas as if they were clothes (see Wal-Mart above)

6. tatoos, tatoos, tatoos (it's gonna be ugly when some of these people hit the nursing home - saw a man the other day in the locker room at the Y and his back had a huge eagle on it and I thought, "oh no, a Trans Am!" or, see the Wal-Mart note above)

7. no one seems to go to church anymore, as a rule

8. rude people (maybe because no one seems to go to church anymore)

9. no passion anymore about anything that can't be texted or tweeted

10. well, why not..... Wal-Mart (or, as I call it, the Dark Side)


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ALL PILED UP (AGAIN) AND NO PLACE TO GO we spent part of the last day of Spring Break!