Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We spent the day (6 hours worth of day) at the Water Park north of Bucharest today. We were with the Yorks and Emigs, 2 BCA families. It is always a good time. The girls come home exhausted!! Ikea is just down the street, so we stopped there and had hot dogs. It's the only place in the entire country where you get real USA-style hot dogs!! And, they are only 1 RON (about 43 cents) all you want, we'll buy more! It takes (usually) about an hour to drive accross the city to where these places are, so we always feel obligated to stop by Ikea. If you lived here, you'd understand!

The photo is of the park on a very crowded weekend. I did not happen to be flying over the city, so it's obviously borrowed. Nice place and we're glad to have it!

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