Friday, August 24, 2007


Got to see the new Bourne movie yesterday afternoon. With Martha in town, Lisa and I had a babysitter for the girls so we took advantage of it! Overall, thought it was great. Lots of action, chasing, blowing things up, mayhem and chaos in the cool and edgy "big city, Europe to New York" scheme. I see these scenes and fall in love with Eastern Europe al over again.

On a side note, in the movie in the police chase scene in Tangiers, the police are in a new white car that is a DACIA and all of them are manufactured in Romania in Craiova. So, we were represented.... barely!


HoWeCogitate said...

I saw that Dacia! I saw it and then thought, "Ba-nu, it was just some car that looks like a Dacia." Thank you for catching that and verifying it for me. I never realized Romania exports those little things. I love seeing Romanian stuff/actors/scenery in mainstream movies.

todd said...

I believe, but you can't quote me (HA!) that the new Logan is one of the top selling cars in Europe. Renault bought Dacia and hastransformed it. Rumor has it they will begin selling Logan (minus the Dacia name) in the US soon. All, I might add, made in Craiova.