Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Making up for lost time is a challenging thing to try to do I probably just won't try. We're in the USA right now and it is an adjustment to be here after Romania. A few things I'm noticing are this:

every restaurant serves an obscene amount of food on the plate (Lisa and I split a meal at Olive Garden and were still filled up)

most people seem to shop incessantly

nothing to watch on TV even though there are 3,000,000 channels ...all in English!

I understand everybody (well, most people .... the "southern-eze" takes a little getting used to)

So, not earth-shattering, but note-worthy none-the -less. I'll get some Christmas photos of the girls up soon!


becky said...

Hey - I wondered where you had disappeared to. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with family & friends! When do you head back to this side of the pond?

todd said...

Becky - not sure what our plans are at the moment ....sorting through some things know how that goes. BTW - borrowed the great photo of th elittle boy and the flag - thanks!