Monday, February 18, 2008


See what the world thinks about the US Presidential race at interesting thing I heard recently was that the job of US President is considered to be the hardest job on earth!

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becky said...

Interesting...although I find it hard to believe that the world would vote for Ron Paul, since most of them have never heard of him. He doesn't exactly command the headlines in Europe that Hillary or Obama do! And, since they also showing him winning in the US where he has proven to be rather gotta' wonder who's stuffing the ballot box!

I probably get asked no less than once a day who I would vote for if I were in the States right now. And everyone wants an explanation of how the whole primary/caucus system works. I really don't know, beyond Michigan. The rules are basically different in every state, aren't they? Interesting times to be an ex-pat! The world really does care about who is elected as "the most powerful man in the world".