Thursday, April 24, 2008


You'd have to live there to fully appreciate the arrival of Burger King in Bucharest! This is the country's first one and it has been long awaited by all Americans (including us) and our friend there, Becky, snapped this photo. We can't wait to visit it and we hear from "reliable sources " (ie: Barbusca) that they cannot keep onion rings in stock. This outlet is in a huge new mall next door to Ikea.


kingzkiidinromania said...

so, this will not be hard for you to believe b/c you lived here long enough, but it will make you shake your head and laugh at how little things have changed. we went to bk today and they did not have anything but chicken. a place called burger king had no burgers! NONE! and the onion rings were bad! i looked forward to it, but was so disappointed :( ...and it's the day after easter, so there were thousands of people at the new mall!

The Book Guy said...

I can't believe anyone can be in the land of ciorba, sarmale, mici and chiftele can salivate for BK.


Tony and Chrissy Barbusca said...

Salivate we do though. They do have onion rings and usually keep them comin'. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you lately. I hope the surgery went well. We will hit the ATL thursady night and be in Anderson Friday!!!