Tuesday, May 13, 2008


....one daughter definitely has strep throat and another one is at the doctor "as we speak" and another one might as well prepare herself for it being the way kids spread disease among each other

....had weekend guests of Amy and Emily, who we met in Bucharest last summer while they were there and had a great time as they are lovely girls who love our children

....I'm having nasal surgery (finally!) on May 22 and will surely let the world know how that pans out

....we've all but had our fill of America, nothing personal since we're Americans ourselves, and are gearing up to return to Romania to a life we seem more suited for

....Sofia turns ONE on Thursday and that is really hard to believe

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Amy said...

I feel your pain on the America issue. The simplicity of missionary life is very appealing in the constant rushing stream of life over here.