Sunday, August 24, 2008


A few views of the pedestrian bridge we cross near our apartment. It is pretty there and Emma likes looking into the water to see if there are fish..... although there are usually many more plastic soft drink bottles than anything else.

I've wanted to take these two pictures for a long time now.... we pass this place every Sunday on the way to church. it is a 'mannequin store," and it is funny to see. The girls always stop and comment and notice things (sometimes too much!) but it is always commical. Emma said, "I wonder what they are thinking?"

Lipton Tea has installed this "mister" at a park across the street from church. Everyone walks through it to cool off in this attrocious heat. Here's Emma having her go at it. Quite refreshing!

This is the view crossing a pedestrian bridge over the city's canal on our walk to the Metro (subway) to go to church.

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