Monday, September 01, 2008


Well, I am watching to a New Orleans television station discuss the onslaught of Gustav, which is currently happening in the city. They are showing live shots of the wind and the rain there. It looks like it is not as bad as Katrina, thankfully. As I sit and listen, I am reminded of the power of the weather which the Lord controls. It is way out of my comprehension how He does it and why He allows things like Gustav, but it always reminds me of His sovereignty in our fallen world.

We are settling in to life here but in a different way this time. We are here, a little unsure as to what is next for us, and we are involved in a very important work this year at BCA. I am teaching 4th grade in the morning, with Mikie in my class (....all going well) and a US History class in the afternoon. It is a fulfilling and interesting year!

Today is my birthday and I am 45 years old today. My girls think it is very old!!! I think I've got my life ahead of me.

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Kacee Hogg said...


I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday! We'll be thinking about you & praying for you. Give Lisa & the girls a hug.