Monday, September 15, 2008


As everyone else is jumping on the "blog bandwagon," I sometimes feel like I need to get off of it ....probably, because it is a difficult task to keep it updated! Many people say they read it or look at the pictures, so for now, I'll continue. Ovidiu and Adina spent the weekend with us in Bucharest. We talked for hours, all four of us around our small kitchen table in our tiny kitchen, about the various things we talk about growth, God's will, missionaries, Romanians, Romania, America, life ....a collection of things. It was interesting to see how God's been changing him into someone with a broader view while maintaining the perspective of "Romanian pastor." In a year since we've seen them, we've all grown, changed, evolved a bit and maybe we've all become a little more aware of how many twists and turns there are in the road.

On a very different note, some friends from our school saw a ghastly sight this morning. On the way to school with the entire family in tow, they came across an accident where, minutes before, a man was ran over by a tram and decapitated.... right there in the middle of the street. It was gruesome, they said and so very public. No one knew exactly how it happened, but it had been raining and perhaps he slipped while darting in front of the tram to cross the street. Life here is so hard and so treacherous at times.... we honestly wonder why more people here don't neet his fate.

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