Sunday, November 02, 2008


I've been thinking about how this blog used to be a place to share ideas and trivia about our lives in Romania. More recently, it has evolved (or devolved, depending on where you sit!) into a photo gallery. Like most things, my first tendancy is to feel guilty. Then I step back and am reminded it is mine, first off. I read other blogs, filled with wonderful, deep and provoking insights on God, His character and His ways. Then I look at mine!

But do you know what, He reminded me just tonight that I have three children (one an infant) and a wife here in this alien land and I am not free to ponder so often, much less reflect it for all the world. I so often compare myself to people who have a world so different than mine.... single people, older people with grown children, people with high-paying jobs. I saw some photos of an old friend on 'facebook' with the beautiful house and several cars and all and I felt a stab of 'failure' run through me. He again reminded me I was faithful to lay it all down and come here.

Will I ponder more and take fewer photos... probably not, but maybe I'll remember it is my way of sharing who I am.

Maybe I have a moment to reflect and share after all!

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