Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This is such a crossroads time of life for our family.... we are sitting in the middle of this big intersection of two roads. One we know well. The other, very different. I picture this dusty, flat land where two lonely strips of blacktop cross and there is a blinking signal light swinging over the intersection. Four empty corners. we are standing directly below that precarious light above.

We've been slowly releasing the big ball of twine we have in our hands. Allowing it to unfurl, a small length at a time. What is news to some and not to others, we've realized (accepted??) that God is pushing us in a new direction. Down a very different road. One we never expected. It is surprising, exciting, interesting, scary, unsure and hopeful. The memories we have from our past journey are somewhat the same.

In the summer, we'll leave Romania.... there, I've said it again! We're heading to Texas unless God intervenes (and He often does) and we'll begin a new life there. We're hope-filled that He is continuing the good work He began in all of us and that He will cause us to flourish there as an oak by a river.

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