Sunday, February 22, 2009


Have you ever looked up and realized that the Lord had brought you into a place where you knew you had to pursue a road that (ready or not) would not be easy and would not be smooth? What did you do? Did you look backward? Question God? Or did you walk forward with trepedation and a fast-beating heart? I'm in such a place (once again) and my heart is beating too fast and my palms would be sweating, if it weren't so dad-gum cold.

Like a lot of you, I was raised with faulty systems to solve problems. Systems filled with false-beliefs (some even out-right lies from the enemy) and inadequate ways to solve problems. Systems that have never worked and will not work in the future, but I love to use them anyway. I've filled my life with the systems and I've been forced to confront them over the past year or so. Painful confrontations with my own heart.

Now, I sit with the full awareness that we (as a family) are to pursue truth at the root of it's core and nothing else will do. It's scary and overwhelming, but it is freeing and it is life. The old systems, well they are death. That is the only place they lead. I see my young daughters wrapping these false systems arround themselves because they fit us so well. I see them solving problems in broken ways that did not work for me and will not work for them. I see us grappling with how to handle the problems they have. I see me being very aware that we are to deal with the root of things, not just the ramifications .....Band-aids on cancer and all of that.

"What do we do when one of the girls keeps callign the other one bad names?" Lisa asked. After I thought about it, I knew what we had to do. We had to deal with the rejection felt and the hurt feelings behind those bad names in the first place. We needed to get to the root of the problem. We weren't taught how to do this. We weren't raised to solve problems effectively. We weren't raised to seek out viable solutions. I am ready for my girls to know the difference. I am ready for us to be people who are always willing to go to the root, no matter the temporal discomfort, to enjoy the eternal benefit of the work.

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