Monday, March 16, 2009


Where have I been? Well, not too far away but seemingly a long ways off! I always come back to the place where I want to use this blog to keep our friends updated and aware of our circumstances and I get too busy or tired or occupied to keep it going.

Where are we? We've bought our air tickets to fly to the USA this summer. We leave Romania for San Antonio on June 5th and will spend that night (many, many hours later) as Texans ...who knew! We will get there via Warsaw, Poland and Chicago, Illinois. We've planned to travel to Timisoara one last time by train (have you heard THAT before??) and we'll spend a few days there with old friends. We began our "Road to Romania" there and want to end it there also. Our friend Cornel Popa had this great idea and we call it "the Cornel plan." We will have dinner with Raoul's parents and see them again.... I am a connection to Raoul for them and we want to honor that friendship with them and him. They are probably the main reason we're visiting Timisoara. Then, we'll travel back to Bucharest for the night and stay with friends to fly out because tickets were much cheaper from Bucharest.

We will be out of our apartment by May 31 and have all of the boxes packed! Lisa's been giving things "right and left' and we've divided our living room into several sections.... living room, Sofie's bedroom, and storage unit! We've got three stacks: keep and take to Texas, sell, give away (the biggest stack). God has really lead us to give away most of our "stuff" because He blessed us with it and we can give it to Romanians who can use it.

So... we've scheduled to attend a "post-field de-briefing' week with an organization in Colorado this summer for our family. Here is their website:

All of the experts recommend that a family do this, particularly after five years living on the field in a foreign country. Even when we've visited the US in this time, we had a bigger foot in Europe.... we've got to get ourselves squared away with the last five years and "learn" how to be Americans again.

We're excited and apprehensive.... needing to obtain new jobs, cars, a home..... starting over!!


Kacee Hogg said...

We can't wait for you to get to Texas!!!

todd said...

....we are VERY ready!! Go ahead and fit me for a cowboy hat!!