Sunday, April 26, 2009


There was an earthquake last night in Romania, a little after 8:00. It happened up in the mountains a few hours away from Bucharest. We felt nothing, but Lisa saw neighbors outside and they were telling her about it and what they felt. It seems there were some aftershocks here in the city and the higher you are in a building, the more you felt. We are on the 2nd floor, so we missed it (fortunately). An American friend said he felt it and so did a friend of his.

The news said it was a 5.7 on the scale.... is that bad? No reports of injury or damage. There was a massive and destructive earthquake in 1977 in Bucharest. Many died but the communist government covered it up well to only look like a small rumble. There aren't many pictures of it because of this.

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Dora said...

Scary, i didn't realise even though I now live in Bucharest. I went to the Museum of Romanian Art today with my boyfriend and we were both wondering why there were a few earthquake sensors scattered around the exhibition halls...