Saturday, May 02, 2009


Lots of unusual little things been happening.... funny how all these things happen all at once. Living abroad, it is interesting how things hit you, things that are strange here might be normal in the US, or visa-versa. Like hearing Culture Club blaring in our local "non-stop" grocery store. So strange. Or seeing that a GAP store is opening in the ultra-upscale Baneasa mall in northern Bucharest. So "everyday" in the US but so not normal here. Or going to see "The International" at the movie a few afternoons ago and being the only person there. Then, Mikie and I practically run into Miss Italy (Miss Italia) in our local mall. She signed autographs, gave me a glass of champagne, talked about how beautiful Rome is and we agreed.

Very strange days indeed!

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kingzkiid said...

can you see miss america handing out glasses of champagne at the mall?