Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've got a thing for plants... I love them, love the way they soften up a place and how they need to be cared for and how they thrive. As soon as we got into the apartment, I rushed out for a container to put on our porch to fill with plants. I crave putting my hands in the dirt! Well, it is thriving and it loves great.... today the Lord reminded me how I am like that container.... crazy? He said that there were many types of plants in it, all working together create something pleasing to the owner. I'm that way, and He's placed a lot of unrelated things into my life right now, things that will grow into something pleasing to the owner... Him!

Personally, I kind of want a container with one plant, blooming and being all pretty. But He's decided to have lots of things in the container right now.... I'm not a guidance counselor right now. I'm not a Romanian missionary right now. Instead, I'm a lot of little plants that'll have to bloom into something beautiful.

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Beth said...

Have you been talking to my husband?? This is exactly the analogy he gave me the other day about all the changes I have going on. Blooms don't appear nearly as quickly as we want though! There is no "Miracle Grow" for us though. It's in God's time!