Sunday, August 09, 2009


One of my favorite things is to have people over for dinner, to hang out, get to know each other. We got lots of practice with that over the years in Romania and we've started off right here. I've learned that you need just a little bit of planning and some forethought, and you've got a party! There are new "neighbors" at the missionary house next door and they are recently "off the boat" from India. We had a big cookout last night and invited them over. All-in-all, with all of their kids and friends, they were a number near 15. Throw us in and we had a crowd. Fortunately, these houses come equipped with a pool, so entertainment was provided!

It was a great thing to "return the favor" that so many others have given us.... to begin serving others again, making them feel welcomed, and giving them a chance to "not have to be in charge." It will be, I pray, the shape of things to come. After shopping for some things for the cookout with Mikie, I was telling her "there is nothing better we can do with out time than serve other people." I hope we can all remember this in our new San Antonio life.... now, to invite over all the new people we've met in the city so far!

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