Sunday, September 06, 2009


A good friend of ours recently asked me, "How are you?" I knew, because I know her, it wasn't a casual thing to pass words.... she really wanted to know, how ARE you? I had to take some days to think about it... how AM I?

Here's what I concluded:

I'm homesick but I don't know where home is anymore

I miss living in Timisoara more than any other place on earth I've ever lived

I love being in San Antonio and know it is home (one day) but it doesn't feel like it yet

I live a life, right now, where EVERYTHING is new and that is not as exciting as it seems

I realized (again) that America is clean and sterile and that is good and that is also horrible

I miss jumping on trams and buses but don't want to have to live in the places where I'd actually do it everyday

I love the convenience of America

....sure I'll know more later.

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Beth said...

Hang in there! It's going to take time. Not sure how long..I haven't come out on the other end yet. I'll let you know though! ;)