Sunday, October 18, 2009


Max (as people tend to call him - Lucado, you know) spoke this morning at church about humility.... an interesting topic for a man who is clearly internationally famous and is a "household name" in many circles. He represents humility, and one would never know he is who he is. That makes attending Oak Hills a joy!

Here is the list he gave to keep us on our "humble toes":

1. Assess yourself honestly
- have a sane estimation of your capabilities by the light of faith that God has given you.

2. Don't take your success too seriously - because our hearts are prone to proudness.

3. Celebrate the significance of others - consider others better than yourself.

4. Don't demand your own parking place - be sure to sit in the seat of the unimportant.

5. Never announce your success before it occurs - "one who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off" I Kings 20:11

6. Speak humbly
- don't let arrogance come from your mouth.

7. Live at the foot of the cross
- the cross is our only reason to brag.

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