Monday, April 05, 2010


I've not written here in a while, no particular reason.... just been unsure if I even want (need?) a blog anymore. It was a great way to communicate across the pond, but now we're here (on this side of the pond) and who's interested anyway, right? Any how..... "growing into it" is where I am right now. Growing into the new phase of life we're all in right now. Lisa is working again as a nurse and is getting herself immersed in the world of hospitals and doctors and medicine and patients and protocols again.... I am very excited for her to get an opportunity to go back.

I am with the girls, Sofia particularly, taking them to school, picking them up, cooking supper, washing clothes and all.... that is, I guess, the part I'm growing into right now. Running the home front and all.... I actually enjoy it. I am a little wishy-washy about it all, but not too much. I try at times to picture it from someone else's perspective. Why is a grown man with a master's degree hanging all day with an almost 3-year old? Well, for one thing, I love that little almost 3-year old and she is mine. I also like having a very unique opportunity to spend a sometimes exorbitant amount of time with my girls. How many dads get to do that?

They've had some experiences in this short life of theirs.... lots of airplane flights (something we surprisingly miss), lots of sights to see (we keep remembering how beautiful we thought Rome to be), and lots of interesting food (sarmale anyone?). Yea, so, growing into it, not sure (not even remotely sure) where this road is going.... right now, Sofia is napping on the couch (she awoke very early this morning), the crock pot is humming away with a delicious bean and turkey chili I'm whipping up for dinner, there are clothes to be folded, a dog to walk, public library time to come (Sofia and Daddy love themselves some library), and a trip to Sam's or Costco (dependent upon where I am when I decide to go).

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