Saturday, March 05, 2011


My family laughs at me because I am always "obsessed" with something new every few weeks. I've always been this way, since I was a kid. I would learn about something, read everything I could find, then move on. We had a set of World Book encyclopedias and I devoured them over the years. I'll admit, reading them was a favorite past time!

Lately, I keep being obsessed with places, countries specifically, and poor people. Of course, my obsession with Romania certainly has lasted and it is sharing the limelight. I am really aware of the need to feed hungry people, provide medical care for them, and assist in getting their lives in order. I am, at heart, a lover of humanitarian relief efforts. For me personally, this is the best way to show God's love and compassion.

Right now, it is India. That huge, exotic, spicy, warm country. I'm just saying.

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