Monday, March 26, 2012


This morning while preparing for school there was an on-going "the sky is falling and life as we know it has ended on the planet earth" angst with an un-named daughter that spilled from breakfast into the car as I took the three of them to school. While the rest of us were trying to rationally encourage this particular daughter (to no avail, I might add), Sofie chimed in from the back seat and said:

SOFIE: "Dad, I'm confused about something."

DAD: "What?"

SOFIE: "Well, if two people are playing hide and go seek and they both want to hide in the same place, what do you do?"

DAD: "Well, I guess the person who got there first gets to keep that spot, since that is respectful."

SOFIE: "Yea, I was thinking that, unless they are on a team and then they can hide together."

Now, THAT is perspective!

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