Saturday, October 20, 2007


I'm fumbling around this morning because I've misplaced my reading glasses ....I wear glasses all the time and special"reading glasses" (really means I need bi-focals) to read things. I saw them last night and now I just don't know. Life is better with them! I can't focus the words in my Bible without them!

We attended a small meeting last night with 5 other couples (one American -us- three Romanian, one Canadian)to maybe form a study with them on the book Sacred Marriage. We were asked from our church to consider it. It would be an opportunity for us to learn and to get involved more "one-on-one" in ministry to Romanians. If all the planets line up (times, babysitters, etc), we'll do it. It's only a 4 or 6 week commitment. so it is manageable. All of the Romanian couples are quite newly-married.

Next Saturday, we're hosting in the city the Buckner "Shoes for Orphan Souls" team as they come here to stay the day to fly out the next day. Their Romanian leader will have them tour the Palace of the People and then we'll take them to the historic Lipscani district, which is very close-by, after the required trip to McDonald's (in this case, the FIRST McDonald's in Romania, but definitely note the last ....on a very side note, there are around 25 of them in Bucharest alone!!). I digress, as always.

Also plan to have our friend Laura Vitelar from Timisoara come visit the weekend after that. That's always good. She reminds us of "home in Timisoara." Here's her "I'm off to a wedding Glamour Shot" from last year!

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