Saturday, October 20, 2007


A little more of the story time unfolds and the realization and impact of Raoul's death sinks in a little deeper, I'm able to look beyond him a bit, to the others who perished that day. This has been so strange, we've never lost 3 people we loved at once. I hope it never happens again.

Cristi was one of the great guys who made up our world in Timisoara. He also was in Raoul's car that day, he was thrown into a field and died from the impact of it. He was handsome, smart and very polite. When the others came in and immediately started eating (which was always OK with us), he'd come in with flowers, thanking Lisa before he'd eat. Quite the gentleman. One day, we had a big shindig of some kind in our small apartment, and he brought flowers (a VERY ROMANIAN thing to do) and Raoul "dogged" him unmercifully about having a crush on Lisa, a married woman (...but could you blame Cristi if he did??!!). His heart's desire was to be a Christian Psychologist. An almost unheard-of concept here.

Then there's Mirela (in the stripped shirt)...such a sweet, gentle soul. She pursued Raoul and me in her high school (....some of you were on the "Economic High School prayer team!! and prayer for those students and she was one of them) and was desperate to know about God. She was led to the Lord by Raoul and our lessons at her school attracted her attention to us. She sat at our kitchen table with Lisa and was a sponge. She'd look at Lisa and her eyes would glaze over. So sweet. Everyday, she had a different hairstyle (this was her trademark). She's gone also... left a legacy (however short) of a burning passion for Christ.

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Flonrezza said...

thank u for the pics...i still remember that day..precious memories