Saturday, October 13, 2007


The heat is on, really, not like the old Glen Frye song.... it's really on.

How it works in Romania: "somewhere" out there in the city "they" decide to give people heat. There are "heat factories" all over town that produce hot water to send through massive "heating pipes" (above and below ground) that end up in the apartment blocks and eventually fill our radiators.

Rumor has it that the temperature must drop below a certain level for 3 consecutive nights before "they" decide to make heat. Like maybe we have to earn the right to have it.

"They" decide when.... not us. A hold-over from the "let's control every minute detail of everyone's life" days of communism. Of course, in those days, they looked as it like they were doing you a really big favor by providing in the first place.

So, we got heat today! We have little control knobs on ours so we actually regulate the heat in each individual radiator.

Central heat? I think I remember that! So, one more little tidbit of life here.

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becky said...

I'm jealous...I'm sitting here wearing layers & socks (which I hate!!!), wrapped up in a blanket, wondering when "they" will decide that we, too, need heat. I will regret wishing this approximately 2 days later, when my apartment has reached its sweltering winter temps (I don't have those handy-dandy knobs to adjust the heat). But, for now, I'm just wishing for heat :)