Saturday, October 13, 2007


OK, we are very blessed to have this place.... all jokes aside about "commie shoe boxes" and "concrete condominiums" and all... in real-estate terminology it's a "cozy, bungalow-style apartment nestled in the trees, convenient to schools, shopping and entertainment." In real life, it's a small 2 bedroom on the 2nd floor (but we say 1st here) with a school next door, a small grocery store nearby and other things.

So, we've been asked (specifically by Kim) to post photos, so here it is. It's funny, in America, we seem very concerned about where we live, how we live and what other people think about the two. In Romania, just having an apartment where we can all fit without killing each other, at a price that is less than a month's salary... you feel like God's blessed you.

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