Monday, January 10, 2011


For the faithful souls who look at our blog regularly, ....been an awful lot of photos and not very many words! I'm not sure because (really) I always have something to say. Maybe it is just that what I've thought didn't even make enough sense to me to say out loud on the blog.

We're in a confused time right now. The journey out of "foreign missionary life" into "everyday American life" has been much more treacherous than we'd imagined. Another one of those "why isn't there a book to give you step-by-step instructions" moments. This said journey has taken us to live in two states (Texas and South Carolina) in less than two years.

For organization's sake, and because I am scattered right now anyway, I'll make it simple and list some random thoughts on the matter in no particular order of importance:

1. We are missing having "a bigger purpose" in our lives and as a family. Serving in Romania gave us that, individually and collectively. We want (need?) that again in some fashion.

2. We are attempting to package all we encountered, learned, experienced, gained and lost there..... what and who and where would be without it all?

3. We are beginning to have a few ideas of how to "define" our family again ~ we've been in limbo, really, since the day we knew we were to leave Bucharest in late 2008.

4. A few of those ideas:

~ we want to be oriented to serve others as a family

~ we want to practice the art of simple living... "Live simply that others might simply live." Elizabeth Seaton.... if years in Romania taught us anything, it taught us we don't need so much

~ we want to raise our girls with an eye to giving their lives away and knowing that the service we give is more important than the things we can accumulate

~ we want to still be connected to the larger world, be a part of it, the people in it

5. The dream of my heart, long before I discovered Romania, was to feed poor and hungry people in devastated countries. How in the world do you "get there from here," I often as the Lord. He knows how.... just waiting to find out.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles through this process! i've been struggling with the same thing since returning...and now that i've finished my degree it's gotten even harder to find my place...somehow i thought this was supposed to get easier :-)