Friday, May 23, 2008


You can't fantastic pastries and breads from street vendors ....Mikie is already looking forward to "pastries with telemea" (a sharp, feta-like Romanian cheese), I like those and "branza dulce" (a sweet cheese) and Emma loves "ciuperci" (mushrooms). BTW, those babies in the top, left rack are called "melc" (Romanian for snail) and they are "almost" like cinnamon buns without the cinnamon and not so sweet ....but oh-so-good!

You can't under the city in the subway like we do "back home."

You can't at this cool grocery store (Mega Image ....there seems to be one on every street corner) that is a few bus stops from our apartment.... we like it b/c it is small, trendy and has very good, inexpensive "store brand" items (BTW, in the "it's a small world department," this chain is owned by Food Lion, which has stores right in our hometown in South Carolina).


Melissa said...

Yes, the Romanian pastries and breads from street vendors are delicious! They are unlike any I have tasted! That store looks a bit familiar to me too. : ) Tod,d I am curious do you know why in 95% of American printed material the spelling of Romania is Rumania? I have never seen a Romanian spell it like that.

todd long said...

Well, they spell it 'Romania' with marks I can't add with this computer.... we spelled it with the U until last 20 or so years. It is interesting that in English we often spell the names of countries (cities, rivers, etc) very differently from the people who actually possess it.

Hungarians spell the name of their country 'Magyar' and we spell it 'Hungary' and Romanians spell it 'Ungaria' ...go figure.

Melissa said...

Very interesting! I have seen the Romania spelled with little marks that can't be made on our American computers. That is one thing that I find frustrating. When typing messages to Romania friends I can't add the marks to the words. It does not look right.

todd long said...'d pronounce it , basically, like this:

ro - mun - eeee - yah

Kacee Hogg said...

You would probably love NYC if you were to live in the States. They have all of the things you just described. We went there last week and my dad loved buying all of the pasteries off of the street and mom loved the subway. It reminded Jon and I very much of Europe...of corse for very good reason since it has a huge European influence. I could have stayed there much longer. Some of the apartments we saw looked very similar the some of the blocks in RO.

Amy said...

mmmmh... pastries and mushrooms and Romanian food....

man now I am craving too bad I have like a year or more.